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Using a Touch Phone

Do I need to create an Account? 

You DON'T need to make an account if you want to use it. You need account if you want to add friends and make a friend list etc. 


How many people can join a private or public room? 

Currently a room can have uptown 64 people. We are working on scaling that for public rooms. But it should be more than enough for private room.


How to join public rooms? 


Simply open the app, swipe left and you will have access on creating or joining rooms. Just click on Party Public room, add your Avatar name and Join. You will be teleported to the public room. As simple as that. Go ahead and explore.


Finding the Floor? 


Since this is an AR experience you will need to scan your environment to find the floor. That may get bit tricky at first but you will get used to it. Just follow the instructions on the screen. 


How to host private room? 


You can host a private meeting by going to private tab and selecting Host meeting. Just give that 4 letter code to your friends to join.


How to join private room? 


Use the 4 letter Room code provided by the host to join the meeting. Don't worry about the CAPS. Just add your name and join. 


How to change the Theme? 


As a host, you can change the theme of the room. Depending on what you want to do, you can select celebrate birthdays, hangout around the fireplace or in a meeting room


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